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According to Dun & Bradstreet in the next 60 minutes, 12 businesses will file for bankruptcy and another 317 will have suits, liens or judgments filed against them.

We restructure debt and increase liquidity so your business does not become another statistic. Our goal is to relieve your stress so you can focus on what's important to you.

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Why we succeed

In most cases there is a history of numerous requests for payment by the creditor or broken promises by the debtor. Frequently these lead to filing a lawsuit with the creditor adamant on collecting 100% of what is owed (plus collection costs) from the debtor.

We are trained in methods that have proven to work successfully from over 50 years of experience, to both the debtor and the creditor’s advantage, despite any antagonistic history.

Our system has proven effective in over 90% of cases… especially where debtors have lost all reasonable hope of an acceptable settlement. We can help alleviate your stress and achieve financial security.

Cases Solved

Loan restructure

January 24, 2014Loan restructure


February 13, 2014Lawsuit

Bank line of credit

February 13, 2014Bank line of credit