Small business loans and debt relief

According to Dun & Bradstreet in the next 60 minutes, 12 businesses will file for bankruptcy and another 317 will have suits, liens or judgments filed against them.

We can help you with business loans and debt negotiation. Avoid becoming another statistic!

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Why we succeed

Small businesses face debts from being overextended or due to circumstances beyond their control.

In other cases, a small business simply needs a term loan or a line of credit. The banks often cannot help due to tightened lending standards and more regulation.

We evaluate your financial condition and help you acquire the loan you need from our network of categorized lenders. We can also assist with debt relief. The result is a better financial position for you and your creditors.

Customer Profiles

Equipment Lease and Line of Credit

February 22, 2016Machine

A/R Line of Credit

June 11, 2015Transportation Industry

Financing obtained

April 27, 2015Financing obtained